Changes to HDP Hive tables

As a Data Scientist, Architect, Analyst, or other Hive user you need to locate and use your Apache Hive 3 tables after an upgrade. The upgrade process from HDP 3.1.5 to CDP makes no changes in the location of tables.

After the upgrade, the format of a Hive table is the same as before the upgrade. For example, native or non-native tables remain native or non-native, respectively.

After the upgrade, the location of managed tables or partitions do not change:

Managed files reside in the Hive warehouse /warehouse/tablespace/managed/hive. The upgrade process carries the external files over to CDP with no change in location. By default, Hive places any new external tables you create in /warehouse/tablespace/external/hive. The upgrade process sets the hive.metastore.warehouse.dir property to this location, designating it the Hive warehouse location.

Hive 3.x in CDP Private Cloud Base supports transactional and non-transactional tables. Transactional tables have atomic, consistent, isolation, and durable (ACID) properties. In Hive 3.x, the mature version of ACID is ACID v2, which is the default table type in CDP Private Cloud Base.