Performing post-migration tasks

You must complete the post-migration activities on your CDP cluster.

Login to Hue using the same credentials used while using the source CDH Hue cluster.

The saved documents must be populated.

Post Migration requirements

You must note the list of manual refactoring changes that should be applied to the Oozie jobs to get them working in the new environment.

  • Name-node settings for each workflow
  • Resource-manager settings for each workflow
  • Paths, if the locations are being changed
  • JDBC URLs, including Hive must point to the new database
  • DFS paths may need to be replaced with S3
  • New cluster-specific configurations for the Workflow (for example, Amazon S3 credentials.)
  • Coordinator Jobs that have future sdf runs scheduled. Recreate these jobs to match what was included in any other cluster. For such Jobs, the Workflow and its configuration might be stored in Hue
  • Copy any custom sharelib jars from the source to the destination cluster. The jars are stored here: /user/oozie/share/lib/lib_{TIMESTAMP}/{COMPONENT}
  • If you have custom application jars used by any of your workflows, please make sure you recompile them with the 3rd-party libraries used by the latest Cloudera runtime.

For example on older versions of HDP, Oozie was using Guava 11, but in CDP 7 it is using Guava 28 or higher. If you compiled your application with Guava 11 you must also upgrade Guava.

  • On the destination cluster, update the sharelib using the following command:
oozie admin -oozie {URL} -sharelibupdate