Cloudera Migration Assistant Overview

The Cloudera Migration Assistant (CMA) for CDP Public Cloud is a tool for migrating both data, metadata and certain workloads from Cloudera Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH) to CDP Public Cloud.

Because migrating data to S3 can take a long time, you can perform multiple migrations between a source and target cluster to move the data in stages. You can also choose to migrate only part of your data as opposed to all of it. A single CMA server is designed to handle multiple migrations.

Table 1. Support Matrix for migrations with CMA
Supported migration paths for CDP Public Cloud CDH 6 to CDP Public Cloud
Supported cloud providers AWS
Workloads supported for migration Hive
Type of data that is migrated in each scenario
  • HDFS files and folders
  • Hive(/Impala) Tables
  • Hive SQL Queries
  • Sentry Policies (DL cluster)
Transformations that take place during a migration
  • From Hive 2 to Hive 3
  • From Sentry to Ranger