Cloud provider requirements

Review the requirements related to the AWS account that you would like to use with CDP.

AWS account

To follow this guide, you need to have access to an AWS account. In this guide, we assume that you have a newly created account or a sub-account with default settings and no network restrictions (custom routes to the Internet) or policy restrictions (AWS Organizations policies or Service Control Policies (SCPs)) in place. SCPs configured on the parent AWS Organization of your AWS account may impact certain steps described in this guide and may require that you follow a custom deployment path.

You also need the following account-level AWS settings:

  • An AWS role that has permissions to create IAM objects (cross-account role and policy, IAM roles and policies, S3 buckets)

  • A vCPU quota of at least 200 cores. You may need a higher limit for larger deployments. See the AWS documentation for requesting an EC2 vCPU limit increase. You can check your current vCPU quota under the name Running On-Demand Standard (A, C, D, H, I, M, R, T, Z) instances. Make sure that the quota value is 200 or larger.

  • An elastic IP quota of at least 5 elastic IPs (for the public and semi-private patterns). The recommended quota is 10 elastic IPs.