Replication Manager

Cloudera Replication Manager is a key CDP service to migrate data between CDP environments, on-prem clusters, and clusters on cloud infrastructure services. Replication Manager provides a simple, easy-to-use, and feature-rich data movement capability to deliver data and metadata where it is needed and provides secure data backup with disaster recovery functionality.

Replication Manager provides HBase replication policies to replicate HBase data from source classic clusters to COD.

The following table lists the minimum versions that HBase replication policies support to replicate HBase data.

Table 1. Minimum supported versions for HBase replication policies
Lowest Supported Source Cloudera Manager Version Lowest Supported Source CDH/CDP Version Source Cluster Type Lowest Supported Target Cloudera Manager Version Lowest Supported Target CDP Version Target Cluster Type
7.3.1 7.1.6 CDP Private Cloud Base 7.6.0 7.2.14 COD
7.3.1 6.3.3 CDH* 7.6.0 7.2.14 COD
7.4.4 (patch-5017) 5.16.2 CDH - 7.2.14 COD
- 7.2.14 COD - 7.2.14 COD
*Replication Manager supports HBase replication from non-kerberized source clusters only for CDH 6.3.x versions.