Managing HBase replication policy

After you create an HBase replication policy, you can perform and monitor various tasks related to the replication policy. You can view the job progress and replication logs.

On the Replication Policies page, you can perform the following actions and tasks on a replication policy and its jobs.
  • View the policy name, source cluster name and tables selected to be replicated, destination Data Hub or COD, and the tables that have been replicated.
  • Track the job history of the policy.
  • Edit the policy to delete tables. Perform the following steps to accomplish this task:
    1. Edit the replication policy or click Source.
      The image shows the edit icon for the source cluster on the Replication Policies page, You can edit the policy to delete one or more tables in the policy.
    2. Delete the tables in the Remove Tables from Policy dialog box.
    3. Click Update.
  • Repair or rerun the policy if a replication job fails after you delete a table in the HBase replication policy.
  • Delete an HBase replication policy.