Add Gateway Hosts for Cloudera Data Science Workbench to Your HDP Cluster

To add new hosts to act as Gateway hosts for your cluster:

  1. Log in to the Ambari Server.
  2. Go to the Hosts page and select Actions > + Add New Hosts.
  3. On the Install Options page, enter the fully-qualified domain names for your new hosts.
    The wizard also needs the private key file you created when you set up password-less SSH. Using the host names and key file information, the wizard can locate, access, and interact securely with all the hosts in the cluster. Alternatively, you can manually install and start the Ambari agents on all the new hosts.
    For more detailed instructions, refer to Install Options.
    Click Register and Confirm.
  4. The Confirm Hosts page prompts you to confirm that Ambari has located the correct hosts for your cluster and to check those hosts to make sure they have the correct directories, packages, and processes required to continue the install. When you are satisfied with the list of hosts, click Next.
    For detailed instructions, refer to Confirm Hosts.
  5. On the Assign Slaves and Clients page, select the Clients that should be installed on the new hosts. To install clients on all hosts, select the Client checkbox for every host. You can use the all option for each available client to expedite this.
    Make sure no other services are running on these hosts. To make this easier, select the none option for all other services.
  6. On the Configurations page, select the configuration groups for the new hosts.
  7. The Review page displays the host assignments you have made. Check to make sure everything is correct. If you need to make changes, use the left navigation bar to return to the appropriate screen.
    When you are satisfied with your choices, click Deploy.
  8. The Install, Start and Test page displays progress as the clients are installed and deployed on each host. When the process is complete, click Next.
  9. The Summary page provides you a list of the accomplished tasks. Click Complete and you will be directed back to the Hosts page.