Hardware Requirements

Cloudera Data Science Workbench on HDP has the following hardware requirements.

Cloudera Data Science Workbench hosts are added to your cluster as gateway hosts. The table below lists the recommended minimum hardware configuration for Cloudera Data Science Workbench gateway hosts.

Resource Type Master Workers Notes
CPU 16+ CPU (vCPU) cores 16+ CPU (vCPU) cores
RAM 32+ GB 32+ GB
Disk Space
Root Volume 100+ GB 100+ GB

If you are going to partition the root volume, make sure you allocate at least 20 GB to / so that the installer can proceed without running out of space.

Application Block Device 1 TB -

The Application Block Device is only required on the Master where it is mounted to /var/lib/cdsw.

You will be asked to create a /var/lib/cdsw directory on all the Worker hosts during the installation process. However, they do not need to be mounted to a block device. This directory is only used to store client configuration for HDP cluster services on Workers.

Docker Block Device 1 TB 1 TB The Docker Block Device is required on all Master and Worker hosts.