Turning off identity mapping

Describes the steps to turn off identity mapping.

If you enable auto-TLS, you must ensure that identity mapping is turned off.

You have restored NiFi and NiFi Registry keystore and truststore settings.

  1. From Cloudera Manager, click the Clusters tab in the left-hand navigation.
  2. Click NiFi in the list of services to display the NiFi service page.
  3. Select the Configuration tab.
  4. Use the search bar to find the Identity Mapping configuration options and remove the values for the following parameters:
    • Identity Mapping - DN Pattern (nifi.security.identity.mapping.pattern.dn)
    • Identity Mapping - DN Value (nifi.security.identity.mapping.value.dn)
  5. Repeat these steps for NiFi Registry. The NiFi Registry Identity Mapping configuration options are:
    • Identity Mapping - DN Pattern (nifi.registry.security.identity.mapping.pattern.dn)

    • Identity Mapping - DN Value (nifi.registry.security.identity.mapping.value.dn)

Once you have turned off identity mapping, review the additional post-upgrade steps for any additional requirements that pertain to your CFM 2.1.5 deployment scenario.