Known Issues in Cloudera Manager 7.0.0

This topic describes known issues and workarounds for Cloudera Manager.

Stopping a cluster using Cloudera Manager loses connection to Cloudera Manager on next start
Workaround: Do not use Cloudera Manager to stop a cluster. Instead, stop the cluster from the Management Console > Data Hub Service page.

See: Stop a Cluster

OPSAPS-50447 Health Test for Hive Metastore Server Canary fails to perform its task of checking HMS basic functionality (creating a database, table and partitions and then dropping them) and therefore reports bad health status in all cases.
Workaround: Suppress the alert in Cloudera Manager.
Fixed in: Cloudera Manager 7.0.1
OPSAPS-51786: The default value for the Scheduled Diagnostic Data Collection Time configuration property contains a very old date. However, only the time portion is used to create this configuration.
Workaround:When editing this property, enter any date (this will be ignored) and the time when you want diagnostic data collection to occur.