Viewing Atlas Entity Audits

In Data Catalog, Atlas audits help Data Stewards to identify and track the entity changes or modifications that are performed over a period of time.

Information about the Atlas entity audit events are displayed for each entity in the Asset Details page in Data Catalog. Using this information, Data Stewards can distinguish between entity audits and data audits that emanate from Ranger.

On the Asset Details page, a new tab called Metadata Audits displays information related to the selected entity type and about the events that occurred based on the user activities.

Clicking on Metadata Audits, tab, you can view manage information about:

  • The user who made the changes to the specific entity
  • The time when the entity was changed
  • The kind of change that was made to the entity
  • Any other relevant changes pertaining to the audit entries

The changes that can be identified for:

  • Created entities and related updates
  • Tagged entities
  • Labeled entities
  • Export and Import operations

For example, the following image displays information about the Atlas audit events that are performed by each Atlas user that is displayed in the Asset Details page in Data Catalog.

Clicking on any line item displays the JSON format, which is directly derived from Atlas, in other words the source of data available in Atlas.

Use the toggle icon (on the top-right corner) for viewing Atlas Audits in different formats. By default, you can view Metadata Audits in tabular format in the Asset Details page and when you toggle the view icon, you can view the Timeline format. The events are listed as timelines in this format.

Clicking on a user in the Timeline format displays the JSON data, which is again derived from Atlas.