Viewing Data Asset Details

The Asset Details page comprises four to five tabs (Overview, Schema, Metadata Audit, Policy, and Access Audits).

To access the Asset Details page, click an asset in the Data Catalog Search page. This brings you to the Overview tab, the first of the four tabs that form the Asset Details page.
  • Asset properties: Number of rows, number of columns, number of partitions, and owner.
  • Overview: Displays an overview for the data asset.

    • Lineage: Shows the chain of custody for the data from relevant metadata repositories such as Apache Atlas. Lineage shows both upstream paths (lineage) into and downstream paths (impact) out of a given asset.
  • Schema: Displays the schema of the data asset for structured data (such as Hive tables) from the relevant metadata repositories (such as Atlas).
  • Metadata Audits: Displays the change logs per asset fetched from Apache Atlas.
  • Content: Only visible for container types like databases. When the tab is visible, the overview tab is not applicable.
  • Policy: The policy view shows security (authorization) policies defined on assets such as those present in Apache Ranger. It includes both resource (physical asset based) as well as classification based policies

  • Access Audits: The data asset audit logs page shows the most recent access audits from Apache Ranger.