Cloudera Data Engineering diagnostic bundles and summary status

Cloudera Data Engineering provides the ability to download log files, diagnostic data, and a summary status for the running CDE services and virtual clusters. You can provide this data to Cloudera Support for assistance troubleshooting an issue.

The following section describes about CDE Diagnostic Bundles and Summary Status, and the information collected in each.

Diagnostic Bundle

The diagnostic bundle is a collection of the logs from the CDE Services. These logs can be downloaded on-demand from CDE UI. CDE gives you the functionality to select the sources for which you want to download the logs and you can also select a predefined or custom time range for these logs.

Information Collected in Diagnostic Bundles
  • Container logs for all running CDE service pods (excluding user compute pods).

Summary Status

The Status Summary shows the status of each service instance being managed by the CDE Control Plane. It is a package of JSON files consisting of information related to configuration, monitoring, logging, events and health test results of the service and its instances.

Information Collected in Summary Status

  • Status of all cloud resources created during CDE provisioning
  • Kubernetes resource status for critical infrastructure pods, deployments, pods, services and events for core service infrastructure pods or virtual cluster infrastructure pods