Downloading a diagnostic bundle for Cloudera Data Engineering

This section describes how to download a diagnostic bundle to troubleshoot a Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) Service in Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) using CDE UI.

To troubleshoot issues with your CDE Service, download diagnostic bundles of log files. These diagnostic bundles, in the form of ZIP files, are downloaded to your local machine. This is available on both AWS and Azure environments.

Required Role: DEAdmin

After granting or revoking the role on the environment, run the Sync Users to FreeIPA environment action.

  1. Log in to the CDP web interface and navigate to the CDE service
  2. In the CDE service, click Overview in the left navigation panel, and select the CDE Service for which you want to download a diagnostic bundle.
  3. In the selected CDE service, click on the three-dot menu, and select the Download Diagnostics option.
  4. On the Diagnostics tab of the Service details, click the Generate Diagnostics Bundle button.
    The Diagnostic Bundle Options dialog box launches.
  5. Set the time range and select the log sources that you want to include:

    In the dialog box, you can choose or set the following options:

    • Pre-defined Range: Select a specific time range of log files to generate from the drop-down list, or you can choose a custom interval in the next option.
    • Custom Range: Select the start and end time from the drop-down list to define the specific time interval for the log files in the diagnostic bundle.
    • Log Sources: Select All or any of the available categories of log files for the different Services and virtual clusters by clicking the adjacent checkbox.
  6. After selecting which log sources you want to include in the diagnostic bundle, click Generate to generate the bundle.
  7. When the diagnostic bundle is created, click Download.

When you extract the diagnostic bundle .gz file that you downloaded from CDE UI, you find the directories that contain service log files and summary status.