November 9, 2021

This release (1.13) of the Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) service on CDP Public Cloud introduces the following changes.

Non-transparent proxy support

  • CDE supports deploying into CDP environments using a non-transparent proxy.
  • The proxy is registered and enabled during CDE environment creation.
  • The proxy configuration is automatically added to the deployed CDE service and virtual clusters (VCs).

UI support for Python virtual environments

  • You can now create custom Python resources on the CDE UI, including virtual environments (venvs)
  • These custom venvs are selectable in the job creation wizard when creating PySpark jobs.

Support for Airflow core operators

  • With Airflow 2, Cloudera now supports all core operators.

Support for Ranger Authorization Service

  • CDE now supports Ranger Authorization Service (RAZ) in AWS and Azure environments.
  • For more information, see RAZ support requirements