Creating Sessions in Cloudera Data Engineering

A Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) Session is an interactive short-lived development environment for running Spark commands to help you iterate upon and build your Spark workloads.

The commands that are run in a CDE Session are called Statements. You can submit the Statements through the connect CLI command or the Interact tab in the CDE UI for a Session. Python and Scala are the supported Session types. Learn how to use Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) Sessions using the user interface.
Ensure that you are using a version of CDE 1.19 or higher for your Virtual Cluster.
  1. In the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) console, click the Data Engineering tile. The Home page displays.
  2. Click Sessions in the left navigation menu and then click Create Session.
  3. Enter a Name for the Session.
  4. Select a Type, for example, PySpark or Scala.
  5. Select a Timeout value.
    The Session will stop after the indicated time has passed.
  6. Optionally, enter a Description for the Session.
  7. Optionally, enter the Configurations.
  8. Set the Compute options.
  9. Optional: Under Files and Resources, you can upload Jar, Python, Egg, Zip, and other files. You can also add a resource, respositories, or a Python environment to be used in this session.
    Files that are uploaded to a session are stored in the app/mount directory.
  10. Click Create.
    The Connect tab displays a list of connectivity options available to interact with the Session. The Interact tab allows you to interact with the Session, and becomes available once the Session is running.
  11. To delete a Session, open the Session and click Delete.