Cloudera Data Engineering Runtime end of support

Learn about Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) Runtime end of life support for Spark.

The following table specifies the planned end of support (EoS) policy schedule for Spark. All future dates are provided for planning purposes only and are subject to change, but with the expectation that dates may move later but will not move earlier. In each case, the projected EoS Date can be considered to be the last day of the month specified in the table below.

Table 1. CDE runtime end of support information
Runtime version End of support Long-term support Notes
Spark 2.4.8 LTS September 2027 Yes Deprecated (will only receive bug fixes and security patches)
Spark 3.3.x LTS September 2027 Yes None
Spark 3.2.3 LTS August 2025 Yes None

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does CDE offer Long-term support (LTS) releases?

CDE will offer LTS through underlying Spark runtimes. When running Spark jobs within CDE, you will have the option to choose an older Spark version. Specific versions of Spark will be designated LTS. This will allow you to continue running Spark jobs without any code changes. Since CDE job management APIs remain backwards compatible, existing automations will not be impacted.

What is the EoS timeline for Spark runtimes designated LTS?

Spark runtimes designated as LTS will follow the Cloudera Data Platform Private Cloud Base runtime LTS policy which is typically four years. Refer to the table above for details.

What is the EOS timeline for non-LTS Spark runtimes?

Spark runtimes that are not designated as LTS will follow a two year EoS policy from the date they are introduced into CDE.