June 29, 2023

This release (1.19.2) of the Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) service on CDP Public Cloud introduces the following changes.

Kubernetes update

CDE now supports K8s 1.25 for Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Support for new AWS region

CDE now supports the EU Milan region for AWS.

Support for user defined routing (UDR)

CDE now supports UDR when you enable a CDE service for Azure. For more information, see Enabling a Cloudera Data Engineering service.

Support for more AMD instances

CDE now includes more AMD instances for the Workload Type drop-down menu when you enable a CDE service.

Workload Secrets

CDE now provides a secure way to create and store workload secrets for Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) Spark Jobs. This is a more secure alternative to storing credentials in plain text embedded in your application or job configuration. For more information, see Managing workload secrets with CDE Spark Jobs using the API.