June 30, 2022

This release (1.15-h1) of the Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) service on CDP Public Cloud has certified support for Apache Iceberg v0.13.

GA of Apache Iceberg

  • You can use Cloudera Data Engineering virtual clusters running Spark 3 to interact with the latest version (0.13) of Apache Iceberg tables.
  • CDE supports row level updates via copy-on-write MERGE / UPDATES/ DELETES operations. Copy-on-write is helpful in bulk updates in read heavy use-cases.
  • Compaction is also supported using Spark Iceberg APIs.
  • As support for Atlas lineage is still in progress, users should set the following Spark property in their jobs: spark.lineage.enabled=false.
  • For more information, see Using Apache Iceberg in Cloudera Data Engineering.