February 4, 2021

This release (1.4) of the Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) service on CDP Public Cloud introduces the new features and improvements that are described in this topic.

Support for Airflow DAGs

  • DE and ML practitioners can now define their own pipelines packaged as an Apache Airflow Python DAG. Currently supported CDP operators include running Spark jobs on CDE and Hive jobs on CDW.
  • An embedded Airflow UI within the job & job run details pages gives users a “deep link” to the specific Airflow DAG making it easier to access within the context of the job runs.
  • The Schedule page has been removed from the left panel of the virtual cluster jobs UI, and the full Airflow UI is now exposed through the Virtual Cluster details page.

Improved service observability for service troubleshooting

Diagnostic bundles can now be collected through a new API end-point, which includes:

  • Cloud resource status: (EKS, RDS, EFS, ELB)
  • Helm status( helm version, helm ls -A)
  • Kubernetes status (deployments, pods, services, ingresses, config maps)

Virtual Cluster user-based ACL

  • By default a Virtual Cluster is accessible to all DEUsers and DEAdmins, which includes the Jobs API, Airflow UI, along with any connections and credentials defined within Airflow.
  • Enabling access control will now limit access to the API and UIs of the Virtual Cluster to a subset of users - normal or machine users. Groups are not yet supported.

Kubernetes support

  • CDE now supports EKS 1.18