August 2, 2021

This release (1.9) of the Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) service on CDP Public Cloud introduces the new features and improvements that are described in this topic.

Kubernetes version updated to 1.19

The Kubernetes version has been updated to 1.19.

Dynamic allocation enabled by default

Dynamic allocation is now enabled by default. You can configure the initial number of executors as well as a range of executors per job.

Dynamic allocation scales job executors up and down as needed for running jobs. This can provide large performance benefits by allocating as many resources as needed by the running job, and by returning resources when they are not needed so that concurrent jobs can potentially run faster.

Resources are limited by the job configuration (executor range) as well as the virtual cluster auto-scaling parameters. By default, the executor range is set to match the range of CPU cores configured for the virtual cluster. This improves resource utilization and efficiency by allowing jobs to scale up to the maximum virtual cluster resources available, without manually tuning and optimizing the number of executors per job.

This is a change from the default behavior (static allocation) in older releases. If you restore job configuration from an older release, the restored jobs will use dynamic allocation.

Support for Amazon AWS S3 URLs in jobs

A previous issue with S3 URLs in job configurations has been fixed. You can now specify S3 URLs for your application code and Jar files. For jobs using this functionality, you must also add the following Apache Spark configuration option:

On-demand Python virtual environments

You can now submit a job with a Python requirements.txt file, as follows:

cde spark submit --python-requirements /path/to/requirements.txt

This builds the Python virtual environment resource for the user, attaches it to the job, and sets it to be cleaned up when the job run terminates.