Using the trellis option with areas

In Areas visuals, CDP Data Visualization enables you to create Trellis charts that show different partitions (segments) of the dataset alongside one other.

Create the World Population - Area visual as described in Areas.

This example uses the visual World Population - Area from Areas to create trellis charts.

The following steps demonstrate how to create a new trellised Area visual on the World Life Expectancy dataset.

  1. Open the World Population - Area visual in Edit mode.
  2. Clone the visual as described in Cloning a visual.
  3. Under Dimensions, select un_region and drag it to the X shelf. If it is not the first (left-most) field on the shelf, drag it to the left of the field Year.

    The first element on the shelf controls the category of the trellis.

  4. On the Filters shelf, clear any existing settings.

    The new trellised area chart appears.

  6. Click the (pencil) icon next to the title of the visual to edit it, and change the title to World Population - Area Trellis.
  7. At the top left corner of the Dashboard Designer, click SAVE.