Upgrading Cloudera Data Visualization in CML/CDSW

Cloudera recommends following the Cloudera Data Visualization (CDV) release cadence by upgrading to the latest version as it becomes available. This practice ensures that your CDV instances benefit from the latest security enhancements, bug fixes, and new features.

This guide walks you through the considerations for performing an upgrade, the available options, and the steps of the upgrade process.

Before initiating the upgrade, review the Known issues and limitations in Data Visualization in the Release Notes for both the currently running version and the version to which you are planning to upgrade. This step helps you understand any potential challenges, limitations, or specific actions required for a successful upgrade.

  1. Stop the application.
    On the Applications page in CML/CDSW, click Actions > Stop to stop the selected CDV application.
  2. Back up the SQLite metadata database.
    1. Go to your project's Overview page and click New Session.
    2. When your session is running, click >_ Terminal Access above the session log pane.
      A terminal window opens, and its default working directory is /home/cdsw, where all your project files reside.
    3. Navigate to /home/cdsw/.arc.
      This directory contains the CDV logs, files, settings, and the arcviz.db database.
    4. Run the following command to make a copy of your current CDV metadata.
      sqlite3 arcviz.db “.backup arcviz.db-BACKUP-[***version***]

      You can use this backup in case you need to revert to a previous CDV version.

  3. Navigate to the Application Settings page.
  4. Locate the runtime configuration option.
    This is where you can select the desired runtime for your application.
  5. Select the runtime you want to set for your application.
    You may have different runtime options to select from.
  6. Click Update Application to save the change.
    The application will be restarted automatically with the newly selected runtime.