Known issues and limitations in Data Visualization

You can review the list of known issues and limitations that you might experience while using CDP Data Visualization.

You can find here more information about the areas of impact and possible workarounds.

Saved value does not show properly when arcapi is present

After the fix included for VIZ-1070, a known issue is still present when using arcapi.sendParameters with app-scope filters.

Cloudera issue: VIZ-1181

Picklist in complex data types Show Selected unselects previous selections

Show selected in a filter list selection may not show all selections depending on the data type. A fix is expected in a future release.

Cloudera issue: VIZ-456

CANCEL button on Edit User or New User modal needs to be clicked twice

Clicking the CANCEL button in the Edit User or New User modals may display an unexpected validation error instead of closing the modal. This can be bypassed by clicking CANCEL a second time. A fix is expected in a future release.

Cloudera issue: VIZ-829

Inconsistent support for non-roman or character-based alphabets across visual types

Non-romanized or character-based alphabets are not consistently supported across various visual types. If not supported, the affected visual is not properly rendered.

Cloudera issue: VIZ-984

Excel or streaming CSV download error for Boolean data types

When the Number of rows downloaded during CSV/Excel export and Detailed Data setting is applied for Excel downloads (all connections) or CSV downloads (Impala/Hive connections), Boolean data types will cause download error. Cast the Boolean data as a string.

Cloudera issue: VIZ-1380