Cloudera Data Visualization, SQL interface

The SQL interface provides you with a SQL data query option. From the SQL tab, you can create a new dataset or dashboard from a query with a single click.

The SQL interface has the following main elements:

  1. Data Connection – You can select any data source that is available in your project.
  2. Database – On the SQL tab, you can select any database that is available on the selected data connection. When you select a database, the corresponding tables are displayed.
  3. Textbox for SQL expression – You can add your SQL query here.
  4. LIMIT 100 clause – You can automate the addition of a LIMIT 100 clause to your SQL SELECT queries when a limit is not specified in the query to retrieve a maximum of 100 rows from the database.
  5. RUN – You need to click this button to process the SQL query that you have added.
  6. Display tabs for Query History, Saved Queries and Results