What's new in Data Visualization 7.2.0

Cloudera Data Visualization (CDV) 7.2.0 was released on January 29, 2024 introducing the following changes.

New features and improvements in Cloudera Data Visualization 7.2.0


New visual type: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistant [Technical Preview]

The AI Assistant introduces a natural language interface for interacting with dashboards and datasets. The new visual type is available for SQLite and Solr data connections that contain vectorized column information that you would like to use for creating a Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) chatbot. Data upload is now also available for Solr data connections, with support for vectorized fields in Solr 9.0+. For more information, see the AI Assistant documentation.

A new system-level privilege option called Additional system privileges has been added. Granting this privilege to a role enables users to perform the following actions:
  • Set the homepage for all users
  • Clone, delete, or edit dashboards in another user’s private workspace
  • Perform administrative restart/stop work operations
  • Use Trusted Auth Get Ticket to request a ticket from the CDV Server.
For more information, see Additional system privileges in the system-level permissions documentation.

Administrators or users with Additional system privilege can now easily move dashboards and apps to any workspace, including private ones.

VIZ-945, VIZ-2048, VIZ-2293, VIZ-2308, VIZ-2386, VIZ-2426, VIZ-2463, VIZ-2478

Application-wide performance improvements, including enhancements at application startup, during dashboard editing, and to loading the Data and Job Status interfaces.

VIZ-1424, VIZ-2432

The Visuals page has been redesigned for quicker loading and enhanced usability.

VIZ-1596, VIZ-2480

The Reorder sheet IDs to match positions option has been added to dashboards with multiple sheets. You can use this setting to update sheet numbers if a sheet is moved or deleted. For more information, see Reordering sheet IDs.

VIZ-1903, VIZ-1937

Users can more granularly add aggregation to fields when creating data extracts. It is also possible to specify the same field with different aggregations multiple times in the same data extract.

VIZ-1993, VIZ-2461

Improved logging for errors that occur during data import.


Caddy access log format customization is now possible using the ACCESS_LOG_FORMAT environment variable.


Health checking HTTP requests no longer result in a new row being added to the CDV metadata table for Django sessions if the HTTP user agent is identified as one used by a health check procedure.

Fixed issues in Cloudera Data Visualization 7.2.0


Fixed a bug where editing or canceling a second join within an existing dataset’s data model could display details of a previously created join.


Canceling a running query from the SQL tab is now explicitly possible using a new 'Cancel' option.


When downloading CSV or Excel files, the queries’ results are now saved in the cache.


"Query Timeout" and 'Queue Depth' parameters in the Advanced tab on applicable data connections have now been clarified.


Fixed a bug where filter dropdowns had unexpected overlap if stacked in a dashboard’s filter bar.


The 'Add Data' icon is no longer displayed on the Recent Connections homepage tiles for read-only data connections.

VIZ-2277, VIZ-2348, VIZ-2407

Fixed critical and high package vulnerability issues identified in CDV 7.1.9.


Google Client Key can now be configured in Site Settings as required for Interactive Map visuals.


Fixed a bug where unexpected HTML elements could be included when downloading Query History from a dashboard’s profile data modal.

VIZ-2385, VIZ-2383

SQL Query popups are now shown as expected for all queries within the Show Usage Info and Activity Log tables. Additionally, fixed a bug where the full query text popup could extend outside of the browser viewport for lengthy queries.


Connection syncing options for applications running in CML are now only shown when the underlying CML version permits connection syncing.


Setting a filter pattern using textbox input now works as expected.


Saved and Recent Queries launched from the Home interface are now displayed in the query editor as expected.


Fixed a bug where expressions with certain aggregations would return an error when placed on measure shelves during visual creation.