Usage Analytics [Technical Preview]

Logs and Usage is a powerful monitoring interface that can help you better understand how users are engaging with Cloudera Data Visualization (CDV) in your organization. The different tabs provide you detailed information on various aspects, including user activities, system load, and runtime performance. The Usage Analytics tab is a dynamic dashboard featuring visualizations generated from the audit logs presented on the Activity Log tab.

You can use Usage Analytics to get valuable insights into how users engage with CDV. You can get information on the most active users, frequently used datasets and visual types, peak activity hours, and other critical aspects of CDV operations, all through pre-built visualizations.

You can access the Usage Analytics through Site Administration > Logs and Usage.

The dashboard offers a time range selector that enables you to specify the data used for the visualization. Filters are available for action type, visual type, and username to refine the data displayed.

The Usage Analytics view is further customizable. You can click IMPORT DASHBOARD to add an editable version labeled Cloudera Data Visualization Usage Analytics to your collection of dashboards.

By default, the Usage Analytics dashboard includes the following visualizations:

  • Activity count by user: Tracks user activity and provides insights into user engagement.

  • Action types: Displays a breakdown of various action types, helping you understand user interactions.

  • Interaction count by widget type: Provides insights into widget interactions and usage.

  • Most used datasets: Highlights frequently accessed datasets.

  • Number of dashboards: Shows the count of dashboards in use.

  • Visuals usage: Offers insights into the usage of visual components.

  • Number of other visuals: Indicates the usage count of other types of visuals.

  • Users and their dataset usage: Provides information about users and their dataset usage patterns.

  • Dataset usage over day's hours: Shows dataset usage trends throughout the day.