Setting up a basic visual for aggregates

In this example, a basic line visual is created on the World Life Expectancy dataset. In subsequent topics, this visual is used to demonstrate how the various analytic functions for aggregates work.
  1. Open a new visual.
  2. In the VISUALS menu, select the Lines visual type.
  3. Populate the shelves of the visual from the fields listed in the Data menu:
    • X Axis

      Add the field year. Order it in ascending order.

    • Y Axis

      Add the field population.

    • Colors

      Add the filed country. Order it in ascending order.

    • Filters

      Add the field year, and set it to the interval of 1950 through 2010.

      Add the field un_subregion, and set it to Northern Africa.

  4. Click REFRESH VISUAL to see the new line visual.
  5. Name the visual Basic Lines.
  6. Click SAVE.