Setting up a basic visual for single values

  1. Open a new visual.
  2. In the Visuals menu, select the Table visual type.
  3. Populate the shelves of the visual from the fields listed in the Data menu:
    • Dimensions

      Add the fields country, life_expectancy, gdp_per_capita, and population.

    • Filters

      Add the field year, and select the value 2010.

      Add the field un_subregion, and set it to Africa.

  4. Specify descending order on life_expectancy.
  5. Optional: In the Enter/Edit Expression editor, change the gdp_per_capita calculation on the shelf, and rename it:[gdp_per_capita]*[population] as 'GDP'
  6. Optional: Change the Display Format options for the fields on the shelves to remove extra decimals, specify currency, and so on.
  7. Optional: Change the Alias for the fields on the shelves. Click Refresh Visual to update the table visual.
  8. Name the visual Basic Table.
  9. Click Save.