Adding and removing aggregates

In visuals, when you add a field to one of the shelves in Edit mode, you can also configure the properties for that field. Aggregate functions calculate a return value across all the items in a result set. Data Visualization provides optional aggregation operations on data values, such as summation, string concatenation, and common statistical measurements of data.

To add an aggregate function of change the selection for aggregates, follow these steps:
  1. Click the field you plan to modify, to open the Field Properties menu.
  2. Under Field Properties, click to expand the Aggregates menu.
  3. From the Aggregates menu, select one of the options.
    The available aggregation functions depend on the connection type and data type. A check mark precedes the selected aggregate function.
  4. Click Refresh Visual to see the changes.
    Fields that use an aggregation function have a green dot on the Aggregates menu.

    To remove an aggregate from a field, click the selected aggregate function. It removes the check mark.