Editing a data connection

Learn how to edit a data connection in Cloudera Data Visualization.

The following steps demonstrate how to edit existing data connections. The example shows changing an Impala connection to a Hive connection.

  1. On the main navigation bar, click DATA.

    The Data view appears, open on the Datasets tab.

  2. In the side bar, click the Edit button to the right of the connection you want to change.

    The Edit Data Connection modal window appears.

  3. Edit the connnection details according to the connection type change you want to implement.

    In this example, an Impala connection is changed to a Hive connection.

  4. At the bottom of the modal, click TEST.
  5. If the connection is verified, click SAVE.
After the operation succeeds, the name of the new type of connection appears on the side navigation bar.