Using multi-select mode

In dashboard filters, you can select multiple options in the dropdown menu.

This option allows the user to select multiple options in the dropdown, then apply all changes to the filter together by clicking outside the table. This collapses the list. For multi-select list, this is a recommended option as it minimizes the query refresh time.

This is the default mode for application controls.

  1. In dashboard Edit mode, hover over a filter that is already added to the dashboard, until the controls appear on the top right.
  2. Click the Gear icon.

    The Settings modal window appears.

  3. In the Settings modal window, click the Display Settings tab.

    The Remember previous selections option is checked by default.

  4. Select Apply all changes to a multi-select list at the same time.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. Manipulate the filter widget in the following ways:
    • In the state filter, click the Down Arrow icon to open the menu of available choices.

      The application control expands.

    • [Optional] In the Search box, enter the search term and click the Search icon.
    • [Optional] Click Show Selected, immediately under the search bar, to display the sub-list of selected values. This options toggles with Show All.
    • [Optional] Click the unlabeled check box at the top left to include all selections.
    • [Optional] Click the Exclude Selected check box at the top right to exclude the specified selections.
    • Make your selections, as needed.
  7. In the state filter, click Select.

    The application control expands, in multi-select mode.