Manage schedule intervals

Here is a representative view of the Manage Schedule Intervals interface, its features, and the actions available from it.

  1. Clicking Refresh updates the log information.
  2. Clicking Delete Selected performs a delete on all selected intervals. See Deleting schedule intervals.
  3. Clicking Create New Schedule enables you to specify a custom schedule. See Creating new schedules.
  4. Interval ID
  5. Name
  6. Interval, which describes the interval parameters, such as Every hour at 15 minutes past the hour, or Every month on 1 at 1:30.
  7. Dependent jobs that lists the scheduled jobs, if any, that use the schedule.
  8. Next Run Time gives the expected time for the next time the schedule is deployed, in local time format.
  9. The Pencil icon enables you to change the properties of existing schedules. See Changing schedule intervals.
  10. The checkbox on the header row and on each job log entry selects the jobs for bulk deletion. See Deleting schedule intervals.