Creating a new application

Learn how to create an application in CDP Data Visualization.

  1. Click New App on the main Home interface, in the top right corner on the side panel.

    Alternatively, click New App on the main Visuals interface, in the top left corner.

    The App Designer interface is displayed.

  2. In the Dashboards menu of the App Designer, select a dataset.
    adding a dataset
  3. Enter a name for your app in the App Name text box.
    adding a dataset
  4. In the highlighted empty tab, enter the tab title.
  5. In the Dashboards menu, select a dashboard to add it to this tab.
  6. Switch to the App Style tab.
  7. Design the appearance of your new app.
  8. Click Save.
Your new application is saved. To the right of the App Name, you can see the ID of the app, its update time information, and the last user who modified it.