September 30, 2021

New CML engine:

New CDSW engine:

New features and improvements

A new style setting allows the user to change the font weight of row and column summaries. Data summary settings have also been moved into their own subsection for better discoverability.
Dashboards created for the purpose of threshold-triggered jobs are now editable.
It is now possible to chain multiple conditions for threshold based emails.
VIZ-689. VIZ-848, VIZ-861, VIZ-880, VIZ-897
Additional UI and usability improvements.
VIZ-234, VIZ-641, VIZ-835
Other security fixes and improvements.

Fixed issues

VIZ-99 & VIZ-304
Users with first names or last names longer than 30 characters can now be created as expected.
Downloads of SQL visual types now inherit global limit settings from Site Settings as expected.
VIZ-384 & VIZ-886
Fixed a bug where CSV or Excel download could apply an unwanted default display format to some columns, or fail to show a display format that had been added.
Fixed a bug where infinity or NaN values in Impala caused an error.
PDF or PNG downloads for slow-loading dashboards now display fully rendered visuals rather than progress bar icons.
Fixed a bug where a label on a scatter visual would be hidden while hovering.
The create threshold functionality in the email jobs modal now works as expected.
Highlighting elements by hovering over legend items now works as expected.
The visual setting option to hover over a dimension and show each point with that dimensional value functionality now works as expected.
Using an image in an Action visual now works as expected.
Fixed a bug where time control in a dashboard’s filter bar was not removable once added to dashboard.
VIZ-784 & VIZ 808
Display formats should now appear as expected in Grouped Bar and Row Listing visuals.
Dimension color palettes now accept typed-in choices when configuring background colors for Table and Cross Tabulation visuals.
Fixed a bug where rearranging elements in Heatmap visual shelves was not saved as expected.
Email jobs with send limits greater than once per day should now be triggered as expected.
Default date formatting on x-axis of bar visuals should now work as expected.
Setting CSV download locale in the dashboard and visual settings now works as expected.
Fixed a bug where LDAP Mirror Groups did not work as expected in version 6.3.1.