Getting the dashboard URL

Cloudera Data Visualization enables you to share a dashboard by providing a direct link to it. You can share the default URL of the dashboard or use a short version of the link. You also have the option to customize the short URL, which allows you to use more descriptive and more readable/memorable links. You can create your short links for example to indicate where the link leads or what the dashboard contains.

Short URLs can help you when adding dashboard links in emails or embedding the links in applications. When the user clicks the short version, they are automatically forwarded to the destination URL. The Get url action is available by default in Cloudera Data Visualization.
  1. Open a dashboard.
  2. Click the (ellipsis) icon in the top right corner of the dashboard to open the supplemental menu and click Get URL.
    The Dashboard URL modal window is displayed.
  3. If you want to use the default URL, click Copy URL to copy the full URL to your clipboard.

    If you want to use a short URL, follow these steps:


      A random short URL will be generated. You can customize the short URL by changing the last section to your custom string. Make sure to only use allowed characters (A-Z a-z 0-9 _-)
    2. Decide if you want to include the dashboard parameters and filters in the short URL and set the option accordingly.

    3. Click SAVE.

      • The URL alias and the associated settings are saved.

      • The Copy URL option becomes available for the newly created URL alias.

      • The new URL alias is added to the Aliases tab.

        It lists all short URLs created for the dashboard.

        • shows you the parameters and filters included.

        • allows you to delete the short URL.

        • allows you to copy the short URL to your clipboard.

    4. Click Copy URL above the URL alias on the URL tab to copy the short URL to your clipboard.

    5. Click CLOSE.

    This example shows an alias where a custom URL is used and a dashboard filter has been included in the generated URL.