In Cloudera Data Visualization, a job in general describes an action to be performed based on given parameters. It can be a specific email generation or data extraction task that serves as a blueprint for these actions. The job outlines the basic details of the task that can be performed repeatedly according to a specified interval or trigger. When a job is initiated, it generates a new running instance, which is captured in the job log.

According to the method in which it is repeated, a job can be:
The action is not pre-scheduled or automated. It is initiated manually by the user on-demand in response to immediate needs or situations.
The action is performed automatically at specified intervals, following the schedule defined by the schedule interval associated with the job.
The action is performed based on a trigger, which is when specific conditions or thresholds are met. The schedule interval defines the frequency of the assessment of the threshold criteria.

You can review the information available about your jobs on the Jobs interface, which is accessible by clicking Job Status from the Administration menu.

The page has three tabs: Job Logs, Scheduled Jobs, and Manage Schedule Intervals.