April 29, 2021

New CML engine: docker.repository.cloudera.com/cloudera/cdv/cmldataviz:6.2.6-b23

New CDSW engine: docker.repository.cloudera.com/cloudera/cdv/cdswdataviz:6.2.6-b23

New feature

VIZ-152 – Single sign-on in CDW
Single sign-on (SSO) is now enabled for Cloudera Data Visualization (CDV) applications running in Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW). For more information, see Start Data Visualization in CDW.


Numerous bug fixes and improvements for Natural Language Search [Tech Preview] functionality.
Timestamp columns are now auto-recognized in Druid data connections.
VIZ-461, VIZ-532
Improvements for threshold job creation.
Improvements to sample dashboards that ship with CDV by default.
Improvements for displaying dashboards on smaller screens.

Fixed issues

For Hive and Impala connections, CDV can now pass down an application ID in opened sessions for better visibility and auditing into query workloads.
VIZ-422, VIZ-457
Error messages now appear as expected if a CSV/Excel download fails to complete.
Fixed a bug where importing a dataset from SQL could result in an unexpected error.
Fixed a bug where the Ignore missing dates setting did not work as expected on line and area charts.
The Refresh button now appears only on data connections where this query is supported.
VIZ-541, VIZ-543
Fixed a regression from CDV 6.2.5 where visual context menu items did not react as expected.
Admins can now update their own user profiles through Site Settings as expected.
Fixed a bug where the PostgreSQL data connection settings did not save as expected.