What's new in Data Visualization 7.1.8

Cloudera Data Visualization (CDV) 7.1.8 was released on December 4, 2023 introducing the following changes.

New features and improvements in Cloudera Data Visualization 7.1.8

VIZ-1024, VIZ-2290, VIZ-2291, VIZ-2353

Application wide performance improvements, including enhancements for the Visuals and Data tabs.


Formatted SQL is now available when inspecting a query from historical and activity logs.

Fixed issues in Cloudera Data Visualization 7.1.8


Fixed a bug where the Select All option on a dashboard filter was not updated with a new selection if the parent filter field is changed.


Adding a custom color for a measure value range after changing color opacity value now correctly takes into account the selected opacity.


Fixed a bug where an error message could appear after selecting the Show Delta checkbox on the Logs and Usage > WebServer Stats page.

VIZ-2268, VIZ-2272

Fixed a bug where the Jobs Overview page did not refresh after updating or editing an existing email job.


Resolved issue with browser autofill collision when entering data connection username and password.