RBAC setup for dataset publishing

RBAC gives dataset creators an opportunity to 'publish' or share their datasets through a set of grants based role-based privileges. They can grant access to specific roles though the Grant manage dataset, Grant manage dashboards, and Grant view dashboards permissions.

For the purpose of demonstrating how dataset publishing works, consider this relatively simple scenario:

  • There are three teams: Marketing, Sales, and Operations.
  • There are three distinct access levels in each team: Data Admins, Analysts, and Visual Consumers.

To set up the required permissions, roles, groups, and users, read these topics:

  1. Setting the dataset recipient roles
  2. Setting the dataset publisher role
  3. Define groups for teams and access levels
  4. Assign groups to roles
  5. Assign users to groups

After you complete these steps, Data Admins may publish their datasets, as described in Publishing datasets.