Job details

The Job Details page provides comprehensive insights into a selected job for better understanding and managing job operations. You can access it by clicking the name of the job on either the Job Logs or Scheduled Jobs tab.

Schedule details

In this section, you can review the scheduling parameters and frequency of the job and perform the following actions:

  • Edit opens the Edit Job Schedule Details modal window and allows you to edit schedule details.

  • Delete allows you to remove the job if you do not need any more.

  • Pause Scheduling suspends a scheduled or triggered job indefinitely, while preserving its definition. This allows you to temporarily stop the scheduling of the job without affecting its underlying configuration. You can resume a paused job.

  • Resume Scheduling restarts a previously paused scheduled or triggered job.

Data extract details

Depending on the job type, you can also review data extract or email details on the page.

For data extracts, you can explore specifics like extract ID, source dataset, target data connection, and other details related to the data extraction process.

Email details

For email jobs, you can access information including subject, message content, email template, attachments, and other relevant details.

Previous Runs

In this section, you can view a comprehensive list of past job operations, which can help in diagnosing and troubleshooting errors.

You can also perform the following actions:
  • [Question mark] opens the Run Details modal that includes information about the last task performed and any encountered errors.

  • [Cancel] allows you to stop a running job. It is only active for jobs currently in progress.

  • Delete allows you to delete one or more logs from the list of previous runs. To select logs for deletion, click the checkbox at the start of each log row. To select all logs, click the checkbox on the left side of the list header.