Moving dashboards between workspaces

You can move dashboards between the private, public, and custom workspaces in any direction. Whether you are transitioning dashboards for personal use, sharing them with a broader audience, or customizing your workspace organization, Cloudera Data Visualization enables you to manage your dashboards easily across different workspaces.

As a dashboard owner, you can easily designate a private dashboard as public by shifting it from your private workspace to a public workspace. Moreover, you have the option to move dashboards in various directions, leveraging private or custom workspaces.

This dynamic capability allows you to create and test dashboards in your private workspace and, when ready, share them with others by moving them to a public workspace. By doing so, individuals with at least viewing privileges for the relevant datasets gain access to the dashboard.

On the VISUALS interface

If you do no want to open the dashboard, you can move it to a different workspace on the VISUALS interface.
  1. Hover over the dashboard tile or row and use the Move to Workspace function from the Supplemental menu of the tile. You can also use Move to Workspace from the actions available in the top right corner of the preview area of the interface.

    The Move to Workspace modal window is displayed. It provides information about the dashboard you want to move.

  2. Selet the new workspace from the drop-down list and click Move.

After opening the dashboard

  1. Find the dashboard you want to move and open it in Edit or View mode.
  2. Click the workspace indicator in the top menu of the dashboard.
  3. From the drop-down menu, choose the workspace where you want to move the dashboard.
    In this example, the dashboard is in the Private workspace. Select Public.
  4. After selecting the new workspace, click MOVE.

    The dashboard is now in the Public workspace. You can verify it by navigating to the Visuals interface, and then selecting and expanding the destination workspace.

    This process is flexible and works for moving dashboards between private, public, and custom workspaces, in any direction. Just ensure you have the necessary privileges to perform the action.