NLS terms for basic filters

Data Visualization provides Natural Language Search (NLS) support for basic filter operations.

To enable search using the terms such as ‘including’, ‘like’, ‘excluding’, ‘matching’, and so on, refer to the following functions:

Function Example


Count all employees with sales < 10000

between; and

Revenue between 0 and 1000

cereal_name by manufacturer where calories between 50 and 100

vs; versus

Revenue east versus west

greater than; >

Sum sale amount, by visitor and product, for last year sale amount > 2000

cereal_names where calories greater than 100

less than; <

Unique visitor count, by product and store, for sale amount < 20

cereal_name by manufacturer where calories less than100


Count calls by last name of the employee >= m

cereal_name with calories >= 100


Count shipments by latitude of the city <= 0


Unique visitor count by store purchased products = 3 for last 5 days


Sum of sale amount by region != Canada and region != Mexico

begins with

Product name begins with "pro"


Product name contains "alpine" and description contains "snow shoe"

ends with

Product name ends with "deluxe"

not begins with

Product name not begins with "tom's"

not contains

Product color not contains "tan" and product color not contains "red"

not ends with

Product name not ends with "trial"

similar to

Course name similar to "hand"

not similar to

Course name not similar to "hand"