Changing data type

Cloudera Data Visualization allows you to change the effective data type of a column in the dataset model without changing the source data. This is useful in many business environments to ensure correct processing of numerical codes, catalog numbers, event IDs, dates, and so on.

The following steps demonstrate how to change the type of a column. The column iso_cc (the ISO-compliant country code) in the dataset World Life Expectancy [data source samples.world_life_expectancy] is used.

  1. On the main navigation bar, click DATA.
  2. In the left navigation menu, click samples.
  3. In the Datasets area, select World Life Expectancy (samples.world_life_expectancy).
  4. In the Dataset Detail menu, select Fields.
  5. In the Fields interface, select EDIT FIELDS.
  6. Under Dimensions, find the field fips_code, and click the down arrow icon, immediately following the # icon.
  7. In the menu, select String.
  8. Under Dataset: World Life Expectancy, click Save.

All new visuals created from this dataset will automatically use the new type.