Drill-into data discovery

In CDP Data Visualization, You can drill into your data to view subsets of data across other dimensions.

Drill-into enables you to discover the more granular information for a particular data point by examining other dimensions of your data. It uses the exact portion of the graph you click to determine the filters, and the selected field as the new horizontal axis. You may further limit the fields available in drill-into.

To discover data, you must first enable the Show Drill Into context menu option in the General menu. For instructions, see Enabling Drill Into Context Menu.

  1. Open a dashboard that contains the visual you are examining. This example shows it in Edit view.
  2. Hover over the visual to determine what portion of the graph to examine further.

    In this example, the line for Europe, in year 1990 is selected. These values become filters in the visual generated by the drill-into choice.

    Visual in dashboard, selecting the data to explore further
  3. Click the selected part of the graph.
    Data Visualization expands to show the available data discovery options.
  4. Select the Drill Into option, and then select the appropriate field from the drop-down menu.

    In this example, the country field is selected.

    Visual in dashboard, choosing the Drill Into option

The original visual is replaced with a version that implements the filters specified earlier: Europe in year 1990. The field chosen earlier specifies the horizontal axis, where appropriate. In Choropleth Map visuals, it changes the granularity of regions represented, moving from County, to State, to County, and so on.

Visual in dashboard, results of Drill Into