Limiting drill-into options

By default, all dimensions are visible when implementing drill-into data discovery, but you can limit the available fields to a smaller subset.

To limit the fields available for drill-into to a smaller subset, you must place these fields onto the Drill shelf. When specifying a limit for Choropleth Map fields, these fields must be Geo Type fields, or cast to Geo Type.

  1. Open the dashboard in Edit mode and click the (pencil/edit) icon of the visual to edit it.
  2. In the visual, add the desired fields to the Drill shelf.

    In this example, the fields un_region and un_subregion have been added.

  3. SAVE and CLOSE the visual.

If you use the drill-into option, the menu shows only the fields you specify. In this example these are: un_region and un_subregion.