Assigning a measure to a secondary axis

Sometimes plotting two measures on the same axis does not show the bars because of their relative values, or because of their incompatible units of measurement. To be able to clearly see both a line and the bars in a Combined Bar/Line (Combo) visual, CDP Data Visualization enables you to specify a separate axis for each of the measures in the combined visual.

You have a already created a basic Combo visual based on the World Life Expectancy dataset.
Follow these steps to specify a different axis for each of the measures in your visual:
  1. Assign the 'GDP per Capita' field to the secondary axis:
    1. Click the field to open the FIELD PROPERTIES menu.
    2. Select Axis > Secondary Axis.

    Both the blue bars and the orange line are now clearly visible.

    The graph lists Life Expectancy on the left-hand vertical axis, in the range of 0 to 70, and the GDP per Capita on the right-hand vertical axis, in the range of 0 to 14k.

  3. Click the (pencil) icon next to the title of the visual to edit it, and change the title to 'World Population - Dual Bar and Line'.
  4. At the top left corner of the Dashboard Designer, click SAVE.