Accessing Data API request payload

To avoid creating Data API requests from scratch, provides access to details of the data requests.

This task is optional.

To access details of visual Data API requests, follow these steps:

  1. Add the following settings in the configuration file of the Arcadia Web Server:
                  COMPRESS_DSREQ = True
  2. Restart the DataViz service.
  3. Open an existing dashboard.
    In this example, we selected Cereals.
  4. Use the keyboard shortcut Shift + Control + G to open the Performance Profile interface.
  5. Hover over a line that represents a visual ID (we selected 377), and view the duration, type, and details of the query that runs against that visual.

    The query uses the same API and includes the details of the data requests. You can use this dataset request as the payload for your Data API call.