Currency display format

Data Visualization enables you to specify currency display format for a numerical field by selecting a common currency symbol.

You can customize the display of measures that represent currency. Direct support is available for the following currencies: $ (Dollar), £ (Pound), ¥ (Yen/Yuan), ₹ (Rupee), € (Euro), and ₵ (Cedi).

The following steps demonstrate how to adjust the display format for currency, using the Currency category.

  1. Click the field you plan to modify, to open the FIELD PROPERTIES menu.
  2. Under FIELD PROPERTIES, click Display Format.
  3. In the Display Format modal window, select Currency from the Category menu.
  4. Select the appropriate currency symbol: $ (Dollar), £ (Pound), ¥ (Yen/Yuan), ₹ (Rupee), € (Euro), or ₵ (Cedi).
  5. Select the Basic Format for your records.
    You can also define and apply a custom format. Enter a valid format mask in the Customize Currency text box. For a full list of options, see Display Format Reference.
  6. Click SAVE.