What's new in Data Visualization 7.2.3

Cloudera Data Visualization (CDV) 7.2.3 was released on April 29, 2024 introducing the following changes.

New features and improvements in Cloudera Data Visualization 7.2.3

VIZ-1975, VIZ-2520, VIZ-2540, VIZ-2608, VIZ-2612, VIZ-2625,
The Job status and management interface has been enhanced with performance improvements and a new More Info option to view job details alongside logs of previous runs.
The Manage Roles > Role Details interface has been redesigned for improved user experience and performance. Detailed descriptions of each privilege are now included.
Joins can now be aliased from within the Data Model interface.

Fixed issues in Cloudera Data Visualization 7.2.3

VIZ-1776 & VIZ-2622
Fixed a bug where SQL Query visuals mistakenly inherited limits from table visuals.
Resolved an issue where Search visuals could become stuck in an infinite loop in Edit mode.
The following changes were implemented for audit logging:
  • Extract-related SQL queries are logged with type Data Connection instead of Dashboard.
  • Username and IP address are logged when there is a direct initiator (such as most editing/viewing actions, ad-hoc email jobs, and data extract runs).
  • IP addresses are not logged for scheduled events such as emails and data extracts. The IP address is localhost ( for query executions related to snapshot creation.
Fixed a bug where table join expression validation failed in scenarios where at least three tables were joined and one of the tables contained a derived field that referenced a field of another table.
Time axis autobucketing now works as expected when building Bar visuals.
Histogram visuals now use shelf expressions correctly when composing data queries.
Connection explorer is now shown as expected when viewing a Solr data connection from the SQL tab.
Datasets containing only a single table are now correctly typed, even if the dataset previously contained multiple tables.
Join pairs are now updated when updating an existing join using the Data Model page.
Multi-sheet dashboards are now correctly rendered in the Dashboard Builder.